We Have an Improv Team!

We have a hilarious pro improv team!

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"Nathan, thanks for all your feedback, instruction and encouragement. It was
great. I felt so light every time I came out of that class. Light and happy."

                - Marti W., Burlington



It can happen in a flash -
or over a lifetime.

Alone or with millions of others.

It can be expressive, artistic,
or entertaining.

But however it arises, there's always an unmistakable...


We want to ignite that spark in everybody - in kids, teens and adults. Welcome to Spark Arts - affordable performing arts for everyone.

Hey! It's been over two years since you watched the crowd funding
video we made on our wedding night, donated to our campaign
and helped us kick off Spark Arts. We've come a LONG way since
then. Click below to watch the video that started it all - and THANKS!